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Beatrice E. Fleischman was born 02/27/1901 in Tenstrike, Mn., the daughter of Carl Ferdinand Charles Edward Fleischman and Martha Bertha Krueger. After her Mother died in 1907, she went to live with her Uncle Paul Krueger in Wausau, Wi. She married Walter Knippple (b.11/26/1891, d. 09/26/1963) on 06/22/1922 in Wausau, Wi. Walter's parents were Andrew J. Knipple (b. 07/14/1856 in West Bend, Wi.), and Anna Mary Mechler (b.05/12/1859 in Kilborn, Wi). They had 11 children. Walter died 09/26/1963. Bea died 29 September, 1995 at 94 years of age.

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Walter and Beatrice (Fleischman) Knippel Family

Children of Walter and Beatrice Knippel

Walter Knippel, Jr. b: 03/28/1923; Wausau, Wi. m. Giselle ? d. 02/23/1983
John Knippel b. 04/13/1924; Wausau, Wi. m. Theresa ? d. 04/21/1995
Bill Knippel b. 10/25/1925; Wausau, Wi. m. Mary Jakubowski D. 23 Sept 1998
Andrew Knippel b. 01/25/1927; Wausau, Wi. m. Gloria Larson
Charles Knippel b. 02/25/1928; Wausau, Wi. m. Rosebud Thompson
Raymond Knippel b. 05/26/1930; Wausau, Wi. m.
Rosmary Knippel b. 02/17/1932; Wausau, Wi. m. Laurence Pierscholla
Carol Knippel b. 11/03/1935; Wausau, Wi. m. Robert Prain
Lawrence Knippel b. 06/08/1937; Wausau, Wi.
Peter Knippel b. 09/19/1941; Wausau, Wi. m. Charlene Trempe D. 7 April 2001
James Knippel b. 09/05/1947; Wausau, Wi. m. Kathleen Johnson

Pictures of Walter and Beatrice Knippel Family